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*A.K.Techno founded in 2002 is a trading firm as well as a manufacturer specializing in wire/bar production machinery and equipment.



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@Self Designed and Manufactured for domestic and overseas markets
- Mechanical Descaler
- Wire Brushing Machine
- Wire Coating & Drying Device
- Motorized Pay-Off
- Drawing Machine and Equipment



Tungsten Carbide Dies - High Precision!! Japanese Washi Paper


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Bending Unit + Brush Unit + Coating & Drying Device


Three Brush Units Model: ADM-3B-12RL

A unit of three brushes furnished at 120-degrees equally is designed to rotate around a wire rod surface with brush holders and remove scales.

Pressing force on the wire surface can be controlled by adjusting rotation speed of the brush holders with inverter control and using weights. The faster the brushes rotate, the stronger the brushes press the wire surface. Residual scales can be wiped out by compressed air at the exit. Nearly all scales can be removed.

The brush unit can be replaced with an existing conventional type of brush unit.

1.Wire surface at 50Hz operation

2.Wire surface at 30Hz operation

3.Wire surface by conventional brush


Scales are removed by a unit of brushes rotating around the wire rod with pressing force equally given to the whole wire surface.



MODEL 装置の構成
AMD-B2B-07LR Bending Rolls + 2 Brush Units for φ7mm Pass direction L→R
AMD-B3B-07LR Bending Rolls + 3 Brush Units for φ7mm Pass direction L→R
AMD-B2B-10RL Bending Rolls + 2 Brush Units for φ10mm Pass direction R→L
AMD-B3B-12RL Bending Rolls + 3 Brush Units for φ12mm Pass direction R→L
AMD-3B-12RL 3 Brush Units for φ12mm Pass direction R→L
AMD-1B-14RL 1 Brush Units for φ14mm Pass direction R→L
AMD-1B-19RL 1 Brush Units for φ19mm Pass direction R→L
AMD-B3B-CD-07LR Bending Rolls + 3 Brush Units + Coating & Drying for φ7mm Pass direction L→R


Comparison of Conventional Wheel Brush and Our Brush
(for φ5.5~7mm wire)

Type Conventional Wheel Brush Our New Brush
No. of brush unit 4 heads 2 heads (standard type)
Motor 2.2Kw 0.75Kw
Price of a brush JP¥10,000  JP¥1,000
Maintenance cost per month
Electricity (indicative) 2.2Kwx4headsx8Hx22daysx0.7xJP¥20=JP¥21,683 0.75Kwx2headsx8Hx22daysxJP¥20=JP¥5,280
Brush cost JP¥10,000x4heads/2(replace every 2 months)=JP¥20,000 JP¥1,000x3brushesx2heads(replace every month)=JP¥6,000
Brush change time 2 hours (Tool: wrench or spanner) 5 minutes (Tool: pliers only)
Maintenance Wheel brush heads must be cleaned periodically due to scales clogged on the brush adjusting handle and the brush driving portion To grease bearings periodically only
Replacement of parts It must be done inside the machine for replacement work It can be done from outside the machine
Residual of scales Yes No
Brush marks Brush marks remain in a longitudinal direction along the wire direction Spiral marks appear on the surface
Adjustment of pressure Brushes are positioned in 4 planes to cover a round surface, and you must adjust the brush pressing force one by one, while also observing the wire conditions and/or motor load Any load can be controlled by adjusting rpm (inverter) and the weights
Dust collector Necessary Unnecessary




- Micro Cassette (2 or 3 rolls type - cold rolling)


- Multipass Wire Drawing Machine


- Lattice Girder Production Line
- Wire Pointing Machine
- Butt Welder



- Straightening, Cutting, Chamfering Machines
- Chain Making Machine
- Nail Making Machine
- Barbed Wire Making Machine



- Stranding Machine (for cables and PC wires)



- High Speed Cold Rolling Line for Ribbed Wires